Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Enjoy the Show

Obamacare isn't all that complicated -- it's like a taxpayer funded benefit for "free" cable TV.  OTV provides everything, in HD, with Tivo, multi rooms, smart phones, etc  -- It's got the full NFL, NBA, MBA, NCAA, MLS, ESPN sports package; HBO, Hulu, Netflix for your whims; Cooking channels to fatten you up; Exercise channels to thin you up; Education channels to make you smart; Fast internet for surfing,  Hustler channels for...   Anyways, OTV covers everything...  Mostly at your rich neighbors expense, after you pay a premium yourself if your income is above middle class $50k or so.  Gotta love it...
    Fine print, when the Obucks start to (quickly) run out to pay the creators and actors of these shows and show quality drops what are you to do for new quality shows when you absolutely need a new show?  Big surprise -- the new stuff won't be on your network.  Translated back into healthcare terms, Obamacare promises coverage but that's doesn't mean they have to provide you care.

  IMPORTANT NOTE : Doctors (and nurses), NOT politicians, provide care.
    There's a difference between coverage and care.  Sure you may have Obamacare coverage, but that doesn't mean you'll find a good doctor to provide your (cut rate) Obamacare.   Those with Obamacare coverage will have to get used to waiting in line (throttled in cell phone lingo) -- Medicare and Medicaid patients will shuffle in behind the waiting Obamacare folks.   Prepare for endless seesaw political battles over decreasing health care quality for this or that group -- with ever increasing media hype and advertising to follow.  It's all part of the "plan". 

   Oh yes, did I forget to mention that politicians and many gubbermint workers are exempted from Obamacare?  They'll jump right to the front of the line with top dollar first in line coverage, at your expense.  Sucks not to be part of the Privileged...   
Enjoy the show while you can...  Suckers...

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