Saturday, December 21, 2013

Taxpayers Pay and Plow the Road to Single Payer

O-Care isn't about creating a viable insurance marketplace -- it's about creating a taxpayer funded money laundering scheme to plow, pave and pay for the road to single payer.

It goes like this -- 
  1. OCare is really a massive expansion of Medicaid -- that part of O-Care has been very successful. 
  2. Expect O-Care to mandate that providers who accept O-Care insurance to be required to take Medicaid as well.  That will make sure there's lots of claims to process rather than lots of Medicaid patients on waiting lists...  
  3. Medicaid claims are processed by carriers because the gubermint has been proven to be incompetent at this task. 
  4. Carriers don't mind the claims processing task -- they get the taxpayers to pay for processing OMedicaid claims, and they don't have to pay for the claim. 
  5. It's all paid for by the taxpayer. Easy gravy...
  6. Carriers in turn will take significant portions (billions?) of what they are paid for processing OMedicaid claims, and lobby politicians for more Medicaid claims to process, plus higher taxes so they get paid even better for processing more claims. 
  7. All paid for by the taxpayers... Did I mention that again?  My bad... Go figure...
  8. It's a socialist taxpayer funded money laundering scam made in liberal heaven.

Also, don't hold your breath for any of the crony GOP LOSERship to stop this sort of crony activity -- helping crony's out in exchange for more campaign bucks and insider trading info is the LOSERship's bread and butter when it comes to maintaining their power over common sense Constitutionallist tea party types.

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