Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big versus Small Government ignorance

Conservatives continue to be misguided in promoting the goal that small government is the solution to the nation’s woes.

Small government is the result of promoting dynamic individually driven social marketplaces. Just having a small government doesn’t mean one necessarily has dynamic individually driven social marketplaces. However, any society with dynamic individually driven social marketplaces will have a small government footprint.

Conversely, big government is the result of promoting collectivist politically driven social marketplaces. In this regard Pelosi is correct : Small government, without vibrant individually driven social marketplaces that provides access to care for those of limited means, may allow women to die on the floor.

Conservatives should expect this sort of nonsense to continue to gush out of liberals mouths so long as conservative leaders continue to promote small government as their primary goal, rather than first promoting vibrant individually driven social marketplaces.

Translation — Conservatives will continue to look stupid to many of the electorate as conservatives just don’t get the importance of properly designed and operated big or little social marketplaces.

Fine print — RINOs and most of the GOP LOSERship don’t get the individually driven social marketplace concept any more than liberals -- they haven't figured out how to leverage individually driven social marketplaces to promote their power.

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