Sunday, October 16, 2011

Coveting Hell

I think Obama is confusing his buddy Rev Jeremiah Wright with MLK. Rev Wright could be a keynote speaker for this crowd, and probably will be if there is a OWS in October 2012 as part of Obama’s reelection bid.

Obama’s comments also show how little he understands and believes in Christian philosophy and religious beliefs.

One of the ten commandments is all about not coveting your neighbor’s wealth — Yet promoting the taking of your neighbors wealth is what the OWS crowd and the Obamacrat’s Class Warfare is all about. We’ve already got a very progressive tax code that is all about taking from your neighbor to pay for health care, house, food and more. Just how is that working for everyone? Could it be if you follow the devil, you're likely to live in hell?

Cain has it right — He was taught not to covet his neighbor’s Cadillac, he was taught to work hard to buy his own…

If only the average religious social conservative were only as vehement about protecting this commandment against Class Warfare and jealousy as they are about protecting the unborn. Is there an eleventh commandment about how it's acceptable to choose and pick what commandments you wish to follow?

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