Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Democrat's class warfare against high earners isn't so much about fairness or balancing budgets as it is about further strengthening the three tiered class society of the Privileged, Collectors, and Serfs (Workerbees) that the Democrats have been carefully constructing over the past several decades.

The Privileged are the politicians, bureaucrats, unions, greens, attorneys, pols, media and a few assorted others… They strive to live outside normal market forces, using the Collectors to suck the life energy from the Serfs to support their Privileged lifestyles and goals.

The Collectors are the business managers and business entrepreneurs that make the private sector Marketplace work -- most everything that happens in the private sector marketplace comes under their guidance in some form or another. They live and prosper by successfully navigating thru government rules and regulations as well as marketplace rules to provide a product or service of some sort to the marketplace. In the Democrat's tiered society, the Collectors are used to collect the life energy from the Serfs and pass that on to the Privileged so they may live outside normal market forces. The Collectors are ideal for this task since they are a minority of the population, and many workerbee Serfs are easily played as suckers by the Privileged using the class envy card. Go figure how taxing their boss will help any workerbee get better pay or work conditions, but that's the nature of ignorance...

The Workerbee Serfs are the typical private sector worker who lives most of his live within the private sector and it's various marketplaces full of services and products. They are typically decent hard working folks who'd just as well be left alone if given the choice. Every election cycle, the Privileged come at them with all sorts of promised benefits if only they vote for the Privileged politicians and their class envy policies. However, there isn't enough left from the Privileged gorging themselves to pass much of any real value on to the Serf's other than hope for change someday...

It’s been a great system for the Privileged as well as for counting votes. However, it's not such a good system when it comes to counting money and balancing budgets. However, balanced budgets and common sense isn't important to the Privileged since they live a fantasy world largely outside of normal market forces. Things like budgets and counting money is only important to the Collectors and others living by marketplace rules. So don't worry too much -- when this multi-tiered house of cards all comes crashing down, the Privileged will be just fine with their bloated benefit retirement and health plans.

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