Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How does the Socialist garden grow?

"A garden constantly overshadowed by a overbearing gardener will never grow to it's full potential"

This is as simple a statement as there is to describe why socialist statist policies and leadership fails. As hard as a well intentioned overbearing gardener tries, their garden never grows as well nor is it as productive as one that is allowed to grow outside of the shadow of an overbearing regulatory government.

Where did we go so wrong? One of the founding principles of our Constitution is supposed to be how the Federal Government's role is to "promote the general welfare, while preserving liberty to ourselves and our posterity" as defined in the Preamble of the Constitution. These most basic guidelines have been ignored by our statist government gardeners in favor of an overbearing government that wants to oversee (tax and regulate) virtually any and every productive activity one could imagine partaking of.

Go figure that there just isn't as much push to be part of the productive marketplace garden when it's become such a hassle (as well as negative) to make a profit. Then there's the weed patch of unproductive folks cruising along on food stamps, free cell phones, free health care, nearly endless funemployment and other gubermint handouts up the wazoo. This largely unsupervised welfare weed patch appears to be growing just fine. Go figure... If the guberment gardener gave even a smidge of the attention to the weed patch that it spends beating on the profit making sector of our economy, perhaps the marketplace garden would have some time in the sun to grow.

Just saying, common sense isn't complicated...

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